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How add path with aux jars for Hive client?

New Contributor


I did have HDP

I have external Jar example.jar for serialized flume data file.

I did add new parametr in section Custom hive-site

name = hive.aux.jars.path
value hdfs:///user/libs/

Did save new configuration and did restart hadoop componens and in more time restart all hadoop cluster.

After in Hive client I did try to run select

select * from example_serealized_table

and hive did return error

FAILED: RuntimeException MetaException(message:org.apache.hadoop.hive.serde2.SerDeException java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: Class not found)

How solve this problem?


If did try add in current session,

add jar hdfs:///user/libs/example-spark-SerializedRecord.jar; 

Did try to put *.jar to local folder. Problem same.


Hey @Baranenko Nikolay
Could you try to add this jar to the env Hive aux variable?

After you do this, you'll have to restart the HiveServer2 and after bringing it back, try to run the following commands on the same hosts that has HS2:

ps -ef | grep -i hive | grep -i <YOUR JAR>

hive -e "set;" | grep -i HIVE_AUX_JARS_PATH

Hope this helps!

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