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How are you protecting Hive views

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What strategy you would propose for protecting the Hive views.?


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@NikoBelic  Could you please elaborate your issue?

Do you want to secure Hive Views using Ranger authorisation? Is this your requirement?

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Hi Asish,

Thanks for looking into this query.

I want to backup hive views metadata, want to understand best practices
around this.

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VIEWS are stot=red in TBLS table i.e in Hive metadata. You can create a database dump as a backup.


Please follow to create database dump for mysql


Please follow to create database dump for postgres


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Thanks Asish. Appreciate your response. Is it possible to just backup Hive metadata without DB dump?

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@NikoBelic  Thanks for the update. The hive metadata indeed is stored on database. You need to take the dump to backup the metadata.


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