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How can I change the owner of a Hive table on a Keberized cluster?


How can I change the owner, which is shown in `show table extended`, of a Hive table on a Keberized cluster?

The reason I asked this question is ...

- As far as I know, a compaction job by Hive ACID Transactions is submitted by a user who is the owner of the table.

- The owner of my table which should be processed by a compaction job is `hdfs`.

- `hdfs` user is a member of `banned.users` in `/etc/hadoop/conf/container-executor.cfg`.

I don't want to modify `/etc/hadoop/conf/container-executor` because as far as I know this parameter can't be modified via Ambari.

And I don't want to modify records in the backing RDB of Hive Metastore.


Master Mentor

@Takefumi Oide

This is the hive parameter that you should toggle valid values are true/ false,please use the filter to get the values.

You should restart the all stale configs thereafter


Tells HiveServer2 to execute Hive operations as the user submitting the query.

Must be set to true for the storage based model.