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How can I configure my HDP kafka to point to remote zookeeper and kafka broker.Basically I wish to use only HDP's kafka clients in my big data environment.Is this feasib;lle/possible, if so kindly let me kow the procedure to achieve it?

New Contributor

@Raghav V

I am not clear on your definition of "remote". The only time when is not remote to the Kafka client is when you have them colocated or because you have a single-node cluster. You can move around your cluster nodes any service, not only Zookeeper and Broker. No matter where you move them, those nodes need to be part of your Ambari-managed cluster.

You can do it via Ambari UI (recommended) .

Look at this question response:

Zookeeper is added similarly. The same for any other service that you want to move around.


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