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How can I connect hive.metastore.uris with thrift and docker?

How can I connect hive.metastore.uris with thrift and docker?

New Contributor

I installed HDP2.6.5 with docker and running apache kylin in local. HDP is running in another pc.

Kylin load metadata from hive using thrift


But neither sandbox-proxy nor sandbox-hdp exposed port 9083.

CONTAINER ID        IMAGE                           COMMAND                  CREATED             STATUS              PORTS      NAMES
61b930bafa93        hortonworks/sandbox-proxy:1.0   "nginx -g 'daemon of…"   13 seconds ago      Up 3 seconds>1080/tcp,>1100/tcp,>1111/tcp,>1988/tcp,>2100/tcp,>2181-2182/tcp,>2201-2202/tcp,>2222/tcp,>3000/tcp,>4040/tcp,>4200/tcp,>4242/tcp,>4557/tcp,>5007/tcp,>5011/tcp,>6001/tcp,>6003/tcp,>6008/tcp,>6080/tcp,>6188/tcp,>6627/tcp,>6667/tcp,>7777/tcp,>7788/tcp,>8000/tcp,>8005/tcp,>8020/tcp,>8032/tcp,>8040/tcp,>8042/tcp,>8080-8082/tcp,>8086/tcp,>8088/tcp,>8090-8091/tcp,>8188/tcp,>8443/tcp,>8744/tcp,>8765/tcp,>8886/tcp,>8888-8889/tcp,>8983/tcp,>8993/tcp,>9000/tcp,>9088-9091/tcp,>9995-9996/tcp,>10000-10001/tcp,>10015-10016/tcp,>10500/tcp,>10502/tcp,>11000/tcp,>12049/tcp,>12200/tcp,>15000/tcp,>15002/tcp,>15500/tcp,>16000/tcp,>16010/tcp,>16020/tcp,>16030/tcp,>18080-18081/tcp,>19888/tcp,>21000/tcp,>33553/tcp,>39419/tcp,>42111/tcp,>50070/tcp,>50075/tcp,>50079/tcp,>50095/tcp,>50111/tcp,>60000/tcp,>60080/tcp,>61080/tcp, 80/tcp,>61888/tcp   sandbox-proxy
d16b4fc70b6e        hortonworks/sandbox-hdp:2.6.5   "/usr/sbin/init"         3 days ago          Up About an hour    22/tcp, 4200/tcp, 8080/tcp    sandbox-hdp

So when kylin connect this uri, it will receive no data.


The uris is correct because I see it in the

Could you please tell me how can I solve this problems ?

Thank you


Re: How can I connect hive.metastore.uris with thrift and docker?

@abcwt112 abcwt112

Can you check if the Hive metastore process running by running command 'ps -ef |grep -i metastore'?

If not running, check for the errors under /var/log/hive/hivemetastore.log.

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