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How can I contact with support team?

New Contributor

Hello @Will Dailey,

I am person who logged support request (19475) on Hortonworks Education Support.

I am waiting your team's response related to my retake voucher but have not receive any infomation yet since last 2 weeks. I also replied email but not hear any response.

Could you please check it soon?

Best Regards,

Tran Anh Duc


New Contributor

Do we have anybody else can help me in this topic?


@Duc Tran Anh

I know how frustrating it is, but now with the merger, I think things are still not streamlined hence the ambiguity, I am not an employee of HWX/Cloudera.

To my recollection, you should try email or tag @tbroas and contact Akancha Srivastava (Hortonworks Education Support)
Hope that helps

New Contributor

Hi @tbroas, could you take a look at my concern?

@Geoffrey Shelton Okot: thank you so much for your advise.