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How can I free up some space for HUE ?

How can I free up some space for HUE ?


Hue Server gives me the folowing message through cloudera manager: 

This role's Log Directory is on a filesystem with less than 5.0 GiB of its space free. /var/log/hue (free: 5.0 GiB (5.07%), capacity: 98.3 GiB)


How can I free up some space.

Is it  a good practice to do sth like this


>fileName   for every file under   the /var/log/hue, in order to have size 0?


Thans in advance.




Re: How can I free up some space for HUE ?

Super Guru



That Cloudera Manager health check is alerting you that the volume where you store your Hue logs is low on disk space.

If you run "df -k" in a terminal you can see your disk layout.  You can look for things in that volume that you do not need to free up space so you do not run out.


Often, you can find logs in /var/log (that's where most of your system processes will store their log files) that aren't needed.


Logs you can often delete since they are only for your benefit if you need to look at them and they are not functional.  For instance, you could run "du -h /var/log" and see which directories are using the most space.


Why don't you check that out and if you are not sure what to delete, feel free to ask.