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How can I input the new LDAP password on Hive View 2.0 without restarting Ambari Server?


I configured my HiveServer2 to use LDAP authentication.

And I accessed Hive View 2.0 and input my LDAP password, then, I got able to use Hive View 2.0.

After I changed my LDAP password, Hive View 2.0 showed an authentication error message.

But I don't know how to input my new LDAP password for Hive View 2.0.

Then, I restarted Ambari Server, and this problem solved. Hive View 2.0 showed me a password form.

However, I don't want to restart Ambari Server when I or someone changes LDAP password.

How can I input the new LDAP password on Hive View 2.0 without restarting Ambari Server?


So whenever you change your LDAP configuration, you need to sync your ambari configuration with it. You can use:

ambari-server  sync-ldap --<all/existing/users=LDAP_SYNC_USER> 

And give your ambari credentials to have a successful syncronization.




Thanks for your reply. But I already tried that before restarting Ambari Server and that did not solve the problem.


As far as I read some code of Hive View 2.0, once succeeded in authentication, id and password are stored in a ConcurrentHashMap, but even if authentication fails because of changing the password those are not removed from the ConcurrentHashMap. I think that is the reason..

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@Takefumi Oide Did you find any solution for the problem?


Unfortunately, I haven't got a solution yet.

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@Takefumi Oide As of now I have to restart the whole node where ambari server is installed. Is there a better way, where I can just restart a service?


I wrote "restarting Ambari Server" but that does not mean "restarting a host that Ambari Server is installed". Just restarting "Ambari Server" takes effect. (= ambari-server restart)

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