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How can I monitor HDP 2.5 kafka cluster ?


I am running HDP 2.5.3 kafka cluster. I don't find any feature in ambari to monitor cluster like confluent control center provide. Is there any way I can set up confluent control center on my hdp?


Super Collaborator

You can enable JMX for metrics + Grafana for visualization, then Ambari Infra for log collection

However, you will not have visibility into Consumer Lag like Confluent Control Center offers, and you will need to find some external tools to do that for you such as LinkedIn Burrow.

If you are not satisfied with that, Confluent Control Center can be added to an HDP cluster with manual setup.

You will need to copy the Confluent Metrics Reporter JARs from the Confluent Enterprise download over onto your HDP Kafka nodes under /usr/hdp/current/kafka

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