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How can I set Druid to ingest streaming data from Kerberized Kafka?

New Contributor

I have Kerberized Kafka broker.

I am trying to setup Druid to ingest streaming data from that Kafka:

  • by submitting supervisor spec to Druid overlord
    I do see that there is field for Kafka server URL(bootstrap.servers) but I don't see any field for Kerberos information.

How can I set up Druid so that it can ingest streaming data from Kerberized Kafka?


Expert Contributor

you can set the kerberos credentials as part of the consumer properties, look at this thread and let me know if it works for you.!topic/druid-user/W2SiPnNsy0U

New Contributor

@David Han,

I have tried an alternative approach and was successful in implementing Kafka Ingestion service in the production environment for a Kerberized Kafka cluster.

Step #1: Configure/setup a "PLAINTEXT" listener for the Kafka broker. You can follow this

Step #2: Add the following "ioConfig" specs to the Druid supervisor-spec (Druid Indexing task)

	 "": "<Kafka_topic_consumer_group>",
	 "security.protocol": "PLAINTEXT"

Step #3: Submit the supervisor spec as following

curl -X POST -H 'Content-Type: application/json' -d @supervisor-spec.json http://<OVERLOAD_IP>:<OVERLOAD_PORT>/druid/indexer/v1/supervisor

This indexing tasks reads events using Kafka's own partition and offset mechanism providing guaranteed exactly-once ingestion.

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