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How can I setup Ambari server and host on the same system?

New Contributor

I am new to Ambari and HDP and I want to setup Ambari Server and agent on a single system. Is it possible?

1. Do I need to setup a Virtual Machine on my system, so that one of them act as Server and the other as agent

2. I am having problem while setting up passwordless ssh login. If there is any step by step method, could anyone please help


Super Mentor

@Gaurav Patel

Ambari Server and Agents can be installed on the same host without any issue.

You can install ambriserrver & agent on any Host (it can be Virtual machine as well). HDP sandbox is a Single host machine where we can see Ambari Server / Ambari Agent and all binaries are installed on the same host.

What issue are you facing while enabling passwordless SSH ?

New Contributor

I am not able to setup password less ssh.

I will list the steps that I undertook. Please point me where I went wrong

1. opened terminal with administrator privliges

2. used 'ssh-keygen' command

3. pressed [Enter] for every action, which created a public key in /root/.ssh/

Now I don't know how to proceed next. The documentation says that I should copy the to root directory of agent nodes, but I want the same linux system to act as server as well as node, and I have already created file, so where should I copy?

Could you please provide the necessary steps?

Super Mentor

@Gaurav Patel

Once the "ssh-keygen" is executed you can do the following:

# ssh-copy-id  -i ~/.ss/   root@localhost
# ssh-copy-id  -i ~/.ss/   root@$HOSTNAME

Please replace the hostname in the above command with the hostname of the machine where you are planning to run ambari agent.

And then login to ambari UI and then add host.

If you still face any issue with Passwordless setup then please use the Manual Ambari agent installation which does not require Passwordless ssh setup


@Gaurav Patel

You will only need to do the passwordless connection when you are in a multinode configuration you wont need that on a single node