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How can I write out ControllerStatusReportingTask logs to a different file


I tried following this guide, but it didn't work.

I just need to output ControllerStatusReportingTask logs into a separate file in my logs directory.

Attached is mylogback.xml logback.xml

Any ideas?




Also, the reporting logs no longer appear in the nifi-app.log but they do not populate in the new file specified in the logback.xml

I am using Apache nifi 1.3.0.

New Contributor

I'm seeing the same behaviour in Nifiv1.4.0

New Contributor

When doing the logging you have to specify the class path's. See below. Note the class options in the appender, encoder and rollingPolicy elements.


Master Guru

@John T

You did not specify the rolling appender type in your new appender. Since the appender entry is invalid it is not being used.

Modify your appender line to look like this:

<appender name="5MINUTES_FILE" class="ch.qos.logback.core.rolling.RollingFileAppender">

Thank you,


New Contributor

Do we have to append ".Processors" to the logger name as <logger name="org.apache.nifi.controller.ControllerStatusReportingTask.Processors", instead of <logger name="org.apache.nifi.controller.ControllerStatusReportingTask"?

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