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How can classification be propagated at column level?

New Contributor

I recently installed HDP 3.0.0 with Atlas 1.0. I've been trying to make a classification propegated on a column level, but it is not working. Classifications are only being propegated at table level.

Any idea how to get classificaiton propegation on column level?


Expert Contributor
@Omar Abdeen

The default propagation from hive_table to hive_column is set to NONE by default:

    "name": "hive_table_columns",
    "typeVersion": "1.0",
    "relationshipCategory": "COMPOSITION",
    "endDef1": {
        "type": "hive_table",
        "name": "columns",
        "isContainer": true,
        "cardinality": "SET",
        "isLegacyAttribute": true
    "endDef2": {
        "type": "hive_column",
        "name": "table",
        "isContainer": false,
        "cardinality": "SINGLE",
        "isLegacyAttribute": true
    "propagateTags": "NONE"

You can update the relationshipDef - hive_table_columns to set "propagateTags": "ONE_TO_TWO" to enable propagation from table to column.