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How can i create a new consumer in kafka??



Im using hdp 2.5 and am integrating it with eagle 0.5. I want to use a kafka consumer in eagle applications. How do i create a new consumer and consumer group in kafka?? I have tried using kafka-consumer-groups but am unable to create a new consumer group and consumer. Below is the command i'm using. Im trying to create consumer eagle_consumer. Any help is appreciated.

/usr/hdp/current/kafka-broker/bin/ --bootstrap-server --new-consumer --consumer-property --describe --group eagle_consumer

Below are my existing consumers:

[zk: localhost:2181(CONNECTED) 1] ls /consumers [console-consumer-69658, ranger_entities_consumer, console-consumer-31738, console-consumer-86926, atlas]


@Rajesh Reddy

Since you are using new consumer the broker will have the consumer offsets, the offsets will not be under zookeeper. The first command you used is to describe the existing consumer group and not to create the consumer group.

You can simply start the consumer with group id as "eagle_consumer" and then you will be able to see it in

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