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How can i retrieve information via rest api with a period grater than 5 minutes?

New Contributor

Hi guys,

I need to retrieve information about impala queries, network usage, memory (allocated and utilized), etc., with a period grater than 5 minutes.

How can I do this via REST API? And dinamically?

I need that the URL changes according to the current time.


For example, in the URL bellow, I want to substitute what is in bold and red by dynamic times like from 30 days before to now.





The timeseries API REST endpoint takes a few parameters with the GET method. You can specify from=, end=, and your desiredRollup which has several options from RAW to WEEKLY. Take a look at the API documentation for more details. You can access this from Cloudera Manager by clicking on Support in the upper right hand corner of the screen and then clicking on API Documentation.


Hope this helps.