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How can multiple instance of apache-slider application be run on yarn

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I have a kafka java hbase combine application, and using slider I am running it in yarn.

How can I run multiple instance of this application.


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You should be able to create a new application with a different name using the same templates. The main things to watch out for are port conflicts and ensuring different applications are using different HDFS and ZK paths. These should already be taken care of if you copied the hbase and kafka templates from the slider app-packages.

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Bill Brooks, Community Moderator
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Thank you @billie for your answer.

As I have to create multiple instances of same one application, HDFS and ZK paths cannot be different.

And also, add in problem description that -

Our application is consuming data from kafka topic which have multiple partitions, and our application have only one instance so have only one consumer to consume a large amount of data. That's why need multiple instance of our application.

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Slider provides variables here and here that will give you unique HDFS and ZK paths for each application, so if you're using those it will be fine.