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How can one transfer data between two different Distributions of hadoop ?

New Contributor

We have two diffrent cluster - MapR and HDP

We want to move tenants from MapR version 6.0.1 to HDP- . We want to transfer all of their data to HDP. Can we use DistCP ? If yes how ?

Source - maprfs:///mapr/datalake_prod/datalake


Can someone help ?



@Nishant Gupta

Both technologies support the Network File System Protocol or NFS, which is a great technology for being able to mount these disks onto another server, but they're handled quite differently. MapR-FS has native NFS gateway support, so that you can mount MapR-FS as if it were a SAN A good suggestion would be having Mapr as NFSmount on client node and use hadoop copyFromLocal and copy the file to HDFS and vise versa.

But there is a document which I have not personally tested HDFS_to_MapRFS


New Contributor

Yeah... good workaround. Can definitely try that.