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How can other users (apart from kafka user) create kafka topics with partitions and replication factor?


Am assuming, users are not authorized to create topics directly (except kafka user) and topics can only be created while producing if there is non-existent topic provided user is authorized on ranger kafka policy. How can users (apart from kafka user) create topics with partitions and replication factor on a kerberized ranger enabled cluster? Am able to create topic while producing but below errors is shown up and am interested in creating topics with partition and replication

/usr/hdp/current/kafka-brokers/bin/ --broker-list hadoop1.test.local:6667 --topic mytest5 --security-protocol PLAINTEXTSASL

WARN Error while fetching metadata [{TopicMetadata for topic test5 ->
No partition metadata for topic test5 due to kafka.common.LeaderNotAvailableException}] for topic [test5]: class kafka.common.LeaderNotAvailableException  (kafka.producer.BrokerPartitionInfo)


Please review the ranger Kafka plugin FAQ for current limitations.

Check the below link for creating topic with replication and partitions.

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