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How can we create dynamic partitions in Hive external table.?

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Hi, i created an external table in HIVE with 150 columns. i have a .csv file for each day , and eventually i will have to load data for 4 years.

i just loaded one month worth of files which turned into 2mill rows.

i now like to partition the table by date (which first column in the table and file). can i partion on existing table and 2. can i do it dynamically when i load other files.




Hi @Saikrishna Tarapareddy

1. You can add partitions to existing table using ALTER TABLE <table_name> ADD PARTITION (date=' ') LOCATION '/path'

2. For dynamic partitioning:

--Set following two properties for your Hive session:

SET hive.exec.dynamic.partition=true; SET hive.exec.dynamic.partition.mode=nonstrict;

--Create your staging table without Partition

create external table table_name (col_01,col_02) row format delimited fields terminated by ",";

--load data to your Hive Table:

load data local inpath '/path' into table table_name;

--Create production table with the columns you want to partition upon. In this case you want to partition upon date column:

create external table table_name (col_01,col_02) partitioned by (date_part string) row format delimited fields terminated by ',';

insert overwrite table table_name partition(date_part) select col_01,col_02 from staging_table;

--Verify data is correctly populated in partition:

hive> select * from table_name where date_part="20170111";



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Hi @aawasthi,

suppose i have an external table "test_display" which points to '/user/test/display' which already have 30 files one for each day. and i can query the table. when i created the table i did not specify any partition.

now like you mentioned above i tried to execute the command below

ALTER TABLE test_display ADD PARTITION (moat_date='2017-01-05') LOCATION '/user/test/display'

Error occurred executing hive query: Error while compiling statement: FAILED: ValidationFailureSemanticException table is not partitioned but partition spec exists: {moat_date=2017-01-05}

do i have to manually create the folder 2017-01-05 under '/user/test/display'


Your create table statement should define partition name.


Cloudera Employee

Hi @Saikrishna Tarapareddy

Can you provide output of below?

1. create table def

hive> Show create table test_display

2. Files in the hdfs location

hadoop fs -ls <table_display table hdfs location>