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How client can interact with Hive?

Client can interact with Hive?How


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Assuming you want to connect to HS2, apart from beeline, you can connect using JDBC/ODBC as explained in wiki.

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The Client can interact with the Hive in the below three ways:-

ü Hive Thrift Client: The Hive server is exposed as thrift service. Hence it is possible to interact with HIVE with any programming language that supports thrift.

ü JDBC Driver: Hive uses pure Type 4 JDBC driver to connect to the server which is defined in org.apache.hadoop.HIVE.JDBC.HiveDriver class. . Pure Java applications may use this driver in order to connect to application using separate host and port.

The BeeLine CLI uses JDBC Driver to connect to the HIVE Server.

ü ODBC Driver: An ODBC Driver allows application that support ODBC to connect to the HIVE server. By default Apache does not ships the ODBC Driver but it is freely available by many vendors.