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How do I activate a parcel in a Cloudera Director script ?

New Contributor

Hi there,

I would like to install Spark 2 on a cluster that is set up through a Cloudera Director script.
I used this script as an example :
More precisely, I did :


cloudera-manager {
	csds: [

cluster {
	products {
		SPARK2: 2
	parcelRepositories: [""]
	services : [..., SPARK2-ON_YARN]
	masters-1 {
		roles {

However, the Spark2 service never starts and when I attempt do start it manually through the Cloudera Manager interface, I get the following error :
"This role requires the following additional parcels to be activated before it can start: [spark2]."


Do you have any idea of what is missing in the configuration ?

Thank you in advance.



That conf looks right to me. Though the service should be SPARK2_ON_YARN instead of SPARK2-ON_YARN. Also can you verify that you hava Java 8 installed which is a requirement for Spark 2, see here for additional details.

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