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How do I call HPLSQL via an ODBC Hive connection?

New Contributor

I'm playing around with the sandbox trying to do some PoC to see if we can call HPL SQL functions via an ODBC connection.

I used the sandbox to call the hplsqlrc program and execute a procedure.

However, once I've connected to the sandbox, I'm not having any luck in determining how to call the hplsqlrc program to run a program.

Any insights on how I'd go about doing this in the sandbox? Any good general material on HPL SQL via ODBC would be nice too.



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@Mike Cosby Did you ever get this answered? I looked at the example that @Namit Maheshwari pointed out, but it didn't seem to me to answer the question of how to call from an ODBC (or JDBC) connection. I'm looking for this as well, did you find an answer?

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@Jim Dolan I did not figure this out. We were looking for a way to transition a program over from a MS SQL stored proc system to a Hadoop system in stages. We instead are looking to a parallel approach where we develop the hadoop replacement of the various procs in new tools.


@Mike Cosby Bummer. For your new hadoop development, are you using hplsql? If so are you accessing via the command line or did you find a tool that would connect such as Oracle SQL Developer or SQuirrel SQL editor?

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@Jim Dolan Did you figured out calling HPLSQL form BI / External tools using JDBC/ODBC Drivers ?


Functionality asked for by this question, submission of HPL/SQL via JDBC/ODBC (which requires HiveServer2 support for this) is not implemented yet:

Until this is done, submission via the command line is the only option.