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How do I create empty HDFS directory through NIFI


Hi all,

I would like to know if it is possible to create empty HDFS directory using NIFI?

Looks like PutHDFS will need a file name. But in my case, I just want to create a directory without putting any file.


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@David Yu


If you are not writing any data in to the new directory, why the need to create it.

NiFi FlowFiles consist of FlowFile attributes and FlowFile content. Each FlowFile will have a filename associated with it. Processors like PutHDFS are designed to operate against incoming FlowFiles and are designed to put a file to HDFS. Without a FlowFile the processor would not be triggered to connect to HDFS at all. It cab be configured to dynamically create missing directories when writing the first file to a new directory path.


If you need to create some directory structure on a regular interval (for example new directory each hour based on timestamp), You would need to use a GenerateFlowFile processor (running using cron scheduling strategy and creating a 0 byte File) that feeds a PutHDFS processor. The "Success" relationship from putHDFS should then feed to DeleteHDFS to remove the 0 byte FlowFile that was added to the newly created directory in HDFS.


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