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How do I install Hadoop on a PC?

There are a hundred different web sites that are all outdated and all say different things. How can I get it to run on my PC? The class instructor acts like it's easy but it's not, I can't get anything to work.


What is debian?


It's a linux flavor and one of the most popular linux flavors Ubuntu builds on the Debian architecture and infrastructure

I don't have linux.

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Hey man! How are you?

Look! I followed this link and I got in my debian.

I have windows. You say a lot of different things, so what am I supposed to download?


@Henry Robertson

When you talk of PC do you intend to install on windows or you have a dual boot PC? HDP support on Windows is deprecated you are strongly advised to use Linux.

  • Thinkpad Ideapad 700
  • RAM 32 GB
  • 8 CPU
  • SSD 250 GB
  • HDD 1 TB

If you have a Windows PC or Laptop with a sizable RAM in my case 32GB. I didn't want to just download a Sandbox so this is what I did the following

  • Downloaded Oracle virtual box
  • Created a new virtual machine can be based on any of these (Centos ,Ubuntu,SLES,Windows 2012 for AD ) Image
  • Installed the HDP on the selected OS

This option gave me options for testing AD integration, Kerberos, upgrades and backup. I have also the possibility of having different images I am only limited by disk space.

When running on one image I throttle it to 16 GB and 4 CPU and scale down to 8 GB, 2 CPU when running HDP and AD so this is a really good option.

It says I have 8GB of RAM. What is "HDD"? I don't know anything about Linux. What is HDP?


HDD = HArdisk

HDP= Hortonworks data platform (Hadoop ecosystem distro)

do you have installed Ubuntu o Centos?. that is the first step


@Henry Robertson

What is your PC specification RAM / HDD? Are you comfortable with Linux and getting your hands dirty with the HDP installation or you'd prefer maybe try out the preconfigured HDP sandbox?

How do I find out how much space my hard disk has? I do not have HDP, Ubuntu, or Centos installed. What do I do?


you need to ask your helpdesk ,to assist you on the disk space. or yu can google it.
if you dont have linux installed, then you need to install it .


I already tried downloading that but it doesn't work.

Where do I download linux? Does it work like software?

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It's just like Windows. You can run some things on Windows or a Mac if you have that.

If you have an empty server, computer or amazon machine you can install linux on it.

Download here:

The easiest is to download a Sandbox to your PC to run on windows


@Henry Robertson

HDD is hard disk and HDP is Hortonworks Data platform a distribution of open source Hadoop.

To have an easier intro I suggest you for the Oracle Virtualbox and preconfigured HDP sandbox

Virtualbox 5.2 latest

Open the above link and opt for Windows hosts.

  • Windows hosts
  • OS X hosts
  • Linux distributions
  • Solaris hosts

HDP Sandbox

When you open the above link you will be presented with the below options go for the Virtualbox always run the cksum to avoid corrupt images

  • Virtual Box
  • Docker Linux/Mac
  • Docker Windows

The below link will help you with the procedure to import the sandbox into the virtual box

Sandbox deployment and Install guide

Here are all the hacks and workaround

Learning the Ropes of the HDP Sandbox

With the above that should get you going.

Happy Hadooping !!!!