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How do I know if a query is using LLAP

New Contributor

We have a 4 node dev cluster. I want to test query performance after enabling "hive interactive query". As I understand, this setting enables LLAP. Having done this, I've not noticed any difference in query performance.

How can I check if my query is using LLAP?


@Shak all LLAP queries will go through the default LLAP queue. You will see this in the YARN view or TEZ view. Make sure you are connecting to the correct Hiverserver2 or, if using the Ambari Hive View you have configured the view for interactive queries.

New Contributor

Hi @Scott Shaw.

Thanks for the response. Sorry - I guess its a bit of a novice question - Would I have to change my Hive connection and copy data to a new Hiveserver2? I was under the impression the change was seamless from Hive to Hiveserver2. I am connecting using Aqua Data Studio. I've also been running workflows from getHue.

New Contributor

Had a look and I am using a Hive2 jdbc driver and using hive 2 tasks in the workflows.

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