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​How do I reload the file for RangerFileBasedGeolocationProvider?


How do I reload the file (specified by "FilePath" attribute in enricherOptions) or RangerFileBasedGeolocationProvider?

As far as I tried, that file is not automatically reloaded.

Restarting HiveServer2 if the component using RangerFileBasedGeolocationProvider is Hive causes reloading the file.

Doing "Save" a policy also causes reloading the file, no modification required.

This is very inconvenient. (Of course, just "Save" an already-existence policy is very light, but hacky a little bit)

I want only to reload the file if possible.


Cloudera Employee

@Takefumi Oide

In order to load the file afresh, you will need to restart the component that uses Geolocation enricher (that is, HiveServer2 in your case).

If you want to suppress reloading file when any policy is updated, then you may set enricherOption's attribute "ForceRead" to false. In that case, the only way left to reload file is to restart the component (as explained above).



Thanks @akulkarni

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