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How i Will Find App Id from Hive id eg(hive_20220725051805_76a0f15d-c15f-4c90-b73f-eb8e6bc1c4c1) application_1654575913119_3886895

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Hey Team ,
i am using DAS most of the time its very slow , i would like to know how i will find App_Id application_1654575913119_3886895 From hive_20220725051805_76a0f15d-c15f-4c90-b73f-eb8e6bc1c4c1 Hive Query
i have Hive_Query_id want to find App_Id

Hive_Query_id :- hive_20220725051805_76a0f15d-c15f-4c90-b73f-eb8e6bc1c4c1


App_Id :-application_1654575913119_3886895


Imran Chaush


Expert Contributor

AppId should be logged in client console/logs, please see the following example:

INFO : Executing command(queryId=hive_20220725071031_107b4076-21e0-4da0-8cdd-d6c9e34c15de): <<query>>
INFO : Status: Running (Executing on YARN cluster with App id application_1658422185646_0004)


Otherwise HS2 logs should help to find the AppId.
Following the execution thread of the queryId to find the corresponding AppId, please see following example.

2022-07-25 07:10:32,112 INFO org.apache.hadoop.hive.ql.Driver: [HiveServer2-Background-Pool: Thread-123456]: Executing command(queryId=hive_20220725071031_107b4076-21e0-4da0-8cdd-d6c9e34c15de): <<query>>
2022-07-25 07:10:32,196 INFO org.apache.tez.client.TezClient: [HiveServer2-Background-Pool: Thread-123456]: Submitting dag to TezSession, sessionName=HIVE-xxxx, applicationId=application_1658422185646_0004, dagName=<<query>>) (Stage-1), callerContext={ context=HIVE, callerType=HIVE_QUERY_ID, callerId=hive_20220725071031_107b4076-21e0-4da0-8cdd-d6c9e34c15de }

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Hi , 


So the application id which comes before the dagName, is the correct application id which we searching for the executing Thread Id. 




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