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How much RAM capacity is required to install the sandbox in laptop,How much RAM capacity is needed to install the sandbox?

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@Soumasree Ghosh

In order to run components without issue, Minimum 8GB RAM you should have dedicated on your 64 bit OS to run the Sandbox without any issue. Less RAM allocation might cause a very slow startup of Sandbox and might cause Hung Or Network Service failure.

Please see the NOTE from our doc:

Note: The Sandbox system requirements include that you have a 64 bit OS with at least 8 GB of RAM and enabled BIOS for virtualization. Find out about the newest features, known and resolved issues along with other updates on HDP 2.4 from the release notes. The Sandbox on Azure is under construction and will update to HDP2.5 soon.


So if you have 16GB RAM machine then it is best, sothat you can allocate 8GB RAM to Sandbox.