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How producer and consumer identify the leader in Kafka



How producer and consumer identify the leader in Kafka.

Thank you.


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via zookeeper query or bootstraping. the information is stored in zookeeper per topic.


@Harald Berghoff

Thank you for the reply.

How to check this in zookeeper.

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@Nilesh within the zookeeper the leader is given at this path:


at this path a value named 'partitions' is available, providing key value pairs of

<<partition id>> : <<broker id (of leader)>>

To identify the connection parameter for the broker id, check at the path

/brokers/ids/<<broker id>

the attributes "host", "port" and "endpoints", where endpoints is a multivalue and can contain more than one endpoint.

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Since Kafka version 0.9, Producers and consumers fetch all metadata details from Kafka brokers directly and Kafka brokers are in sync with Zookeeper. Each Kafka brokers have information about leader.

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