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How storm topology with multiple bolts processes messages

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I have a storm topology as

kafkaspout -> bolt1 -> bolt2 -> bolt3 .

bolt1 consumes data from kafka topic and did some validation check . If validation successfull send it to bolt2 for further processing . If invalid it simply drops and send the acknowledgement .

I want to understand once bolt1 sends message to bolt2 , will it wait for that message to be processed by bolt2 and bolt3 before consuming next message from spout ?

For e.g say Message#1 is consumed by bolt1 and after validation, sends it to bolt 2 . Will it immediately consumes and process the Message#2 while bolt2 and bolt3 are still processing Message#1 ?


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@Pankaj Goel


Please refer section 'Bolts' of and let me know if you have any question.