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How to Fetch Parameters from Parameter Provider and apply to associated process group using NiFi api

New Contributor

With NiFi toolkit we can use below command to fetch parameters from parameter provider, apply the parameters to parameter group with the mention of sensitive properties: nifi fetch-params --paramProviderId $PCP --applyParameters --sensitiveParamPattern "sens_.*"


How can I achieve the same thing using NiFi api. I am planning to use NiFi version 1.21.0.


Super Collaborator

@Bhavesh_Solanki Please reference the NiFI Rest API Doc here:


You will find document blocks for Parameter Contexts & Parameter Providers with the capabilities and requirements for  Parameter based API Calls.   Outside of the required calls to manage parameters, you may need to complete Access steps if you are accessing the rest api from outside of nifi canvas.  If you are using the API within NiFI itself, this step is not necessary.



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