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How to Use a Remote Tail File From Different MiNifi Host

New Contributor

Hi folks,


I have already done a data flow using MiNifi and Nifi by installing this 2 from zip files. after we configured a tail file for log4j2 logs using TailFile process.

MicrosoftTeams-image (2).png

you can see the file path in File(s) to Tail attribute. I connected Elasticsearch backend and i successfully pushed the logs to it. This time i have installed Nifi and MiNifi in separate virtual machine. Please let me know how can i configure my tailFile now. i tried different ways. but it doesn't work.


Thanks a lot!



The question is not clear. Do you want to have the same data flow running on a different MiNiFi agent pushing the log message to a different NiFi?

Or are you trying to have another agent send logs from another system to the same instance of NiFi?