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How to access NiFi UI installed on an AWS ec2 windows instance from local machine>

I have installed the binaries of Apache NiFi 1.3.0 on an AWS Windows 2012 ec2 instance. In the security groups, I have allowed TCP connection on port 8080. However, I am still unable to access the NiFi UI from my local machine using the Public DNS of the instance. I have tried using - http://<public DNS>:8080/nifi

Any help would be appreciated.


@Aveek Choudhury

Two things to check

1. Is nifi runing on port 8080?

2. Do you have any firewall rules for your ec2 instance that is blocking outside access?

@rbiswas Thanks for your response.

1. Yes, nifi is running on port 8080. (Verification - Able to access nifi inside the instance by navigating to localhost:8080/nifi)

2. I have opened up port 8080 in the security groups. Screenshot below -


Missed the screenshot above.

@Aveek Choudhury

Please try this from your local

telnet <public DNS> 8080

Were you ever able to fix this? Currently trying to do the same thing using Nifi v1.5.