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How to add netezza jar so that sqoop can use it?


Hi there,

I am running sqoop cmd to connect to netezza database. so i need to add the connector jar. In my workplace, they don't want me to put in sqoop/lib dir. So, what are the other way i can add the jar so that sqoop can use it. Now i am getting error like couldn't find the connector. The connertor in not available in sqoop/lib dir. I don't have permission to the sqoop/lib dir. Please let me know ASAP. Thanks


@Jeeva Jeeva

Please edit and add the location of netezza jar as below:

export SQOOP_USER_CLASSPATH="`ls ${HIVE_HOME}/lib/libthrift-*.jar 2> /dev/null`:${SQOOP_USER_CLASSPATH}:<location_to_netezza_jar>"


Hi Sindhu,

Thanks for your reply. My lead has asked me that I can simply use $ HADOOP_CLASSPATH=<path to nzjdbc.jar>.

But, I don't know this way. please suggest me if you know. Thanks.

@Jeeva Jeeva

Try setting either of these as environment variables:

export HADOOP_CLASSPATH=<path to nzjdbc.jar>


export SQOOP_USER_CLASSPATH=<path to nzjdbc.jar>

Both should work the same way.

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