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How to add new port to sandbox HDP 2.6.5 ?

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I am using sandbox HDP 2.6.5 in virtualbox.

I have configured Kylin 2.6.0. Kylin started successfully but i am not able to open Kylin Web UI. So i need to add Port 7070 to sandbox and for that i am following this article which is for HDP 2.5.

As defined in the article to add port i have to edit file under /root/start_scripts directory. But there is no directory named start_scripts under /root.

I am facing same issue for HDP 3.0.

So, how can i add new port in HDP 2.6.5/3.0 ?




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@heta desai

Are you sure that you are doing SSH on port 2122 (Not on 2222)?


# ssh root@localhost  -p 2122
root@localhost's password: hadoop
System is booting up. See pam_nologin(8)
Last login: Sat Feb  9 07:37:21 2019

[root@sandbox-host ~]# ls -lart /root/start_scripts/
-rwxr-xr-x 1 root root 2259 Apr 19  2017 /root/start_scripts/

Notice: the SSH port i used as 2122 to login to the VM which starts the docker container.

When you do SSH on port 2222 then you actually login inside the docker container (not on the VM). The hadoop components and ambari are installed inside the docker container.

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@Jay Kumar SenSharma

When i try to ssh on port 2122 it shows connection refused.



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@heta desai

You are already on the sandbox thats why you can not do ssh to port 2122.

Please do this.

1. Open a terminal on your Laptop. In the screenshot we see that youa re doing SSH inside the sandbox window which will not work.

2. Now do SSH on port 2122 (not on 2222) from your laptop terminal to sandbox VM

Example: Notice my prompt I am not inside the sandbox when i am running ssh on port 2122 ... i am doing it from my laptop terminal

macpro:~ jaysensharma$ ssh root@localhost  -p 2122
root@localhost's password: hadoop


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@Jay Kumar SenSharma

I am doing ssh to root@#localhost 2122 using putty. but still i am not able to do that.


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@heta desai
In the above screenshot you are doing "# ls /" . Please check this path now.

# ls  /

# ls -lart /root/start_scripts/


Also can you check if you see the docker container is running there? as following?

# ps -ef | grep docker


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I thin docker is running.


But there is no directory named start_scripts under /root didrectory.


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