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How to call senstive parameter from parameter contest on RouteOnAttribute in nifi

I am using the parameter contest in that their is parameter, which is a sensitive parameter and i need to call in routeOnattribute for our requirement. how can i achieve this calling the sensitive parameter from parameterContests.Please help me out.

Super Mentor

Routing based on a sensitive value is an unusual use case.  I'd love to hear more about this use case.  Ultimately the RouteOnAttribute processor expects a boolean NiFi Expression Language Statement.  So you want to have a sensitive parameter value that is evaluated against something else (another attribute on the inbound FlowFile) and if true route to a new relationship.  Is what you are comparing this sensitive parameter value against also sensitive?  If so, how are you protecting it as Attributes on FlowFiles are not sensitive and stored in plaintext.

The ability to use Sensitive Parameters in dynamic properties (non password specific component properties) was added via in Apache NiFi 1.17.0.  While this change created the foundation for such dynamic Property support for sensitive parameters, individual components need to be updated to utilize this new capability. As you can imagine with well over 300+ components available to NiFi, this is a huge undertaking.  So what i see in the apache community are changes based on specific use case requests.

I'd recommend creating an Apache NiFi Jira detailing your use case and working with the Apache Community to adopt that use case change to the RouteOnAttribute processor to support dynamic property support for Sensitive parameters.

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