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How to configurate available MySQL HA (Master-Master) for Hive : Database URL ( javax.jdo.option.ConnectionURL )

Hi ,

We have MYSQL Galera, which is Master Master HA, configured on 3 nodes.

While configuring for hive: Database URL ( javax.jdo.option.ConnectionURL ) , what should the configuration look like?

Case 1) can we setup the one VIP (for all these 3 nodes ) and use MariaDB JDBC Drive?


Case 2) Do we need to mention all these 3 nodes like jdbc:mysql://node1,node,node3/hive

What should be the similar configuration for Ranger and Ambari?


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Hi @naveen sangam,

mysql fabric is one of the option, so that that manages the replication and you have one common JDBC string.

Hi Raju,

We have mysql HA setup with Master-Master , using galera . And it is 3 node replication among the. I have no question on it

If we want to use above setup ,

1) do we have to setup a vip that resloved to all the 3 nodes. And use the vip in HDP -- Hive configuration ( hive: Database URL ( javax.jdo.option.ConnectionURL ), like



2) without vip , can we mentin all the mysql host names like : jdbc:mysql://node1,node,node3/hive , while configuring hive: Database URL ( javax.jdo.option.ConnectionURL

Also do we need to use mysql jdbc driver or MariaDB jdbc Driver? , with above choice?




@naveen sangam I have the same question. How did you do it finally?