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How to configure multiple S3 end-points in a multi-tenanted cluster?


I have a multi-tenanted HDP2.3 cluster. It has been configured with an S3 end-point in custom hdfs-site.xml. Is it possible to add another S3 end-point for another tenant? If so, what should be the property name?

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Hi @Phoncy Joseph In HDP 2.6.1 you can set per-bucket properties to authenticate with multiple buckets. See

However, I believe that this was introduced in HDP 2.5 or 2.6 so it is most likely not available in HDP 2.3.

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New Contributor

I have using HDP 2.5 but when i configured multiple buckets after that doing LS it throwing access denied error 403.


@Phoncy Joseph To add to the previous answer:

If you upgrade to HDP 2.6.1, there is a new Ranger feature that allows you to control access to S3 buckets via Hive by different user. It's a new "URL" parameter available when creating a Hive policy:

So once you add multiple S3 buckets you can control which user can read or write from which buckets.