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How to connect Hortonworks HDP 2.6 to Azure Storage account?

New Contributor

I have setup the Hadoop cluster using Hortonworks Sandbox HDP 2.6 on Virtual Box. Now I want to setup the connection of my cluster with Microsoft Azure Storage Explorer. I have followed the installation instruction from here: Link And I have edited the Custom core-site.xml from Ambari UI (as admin) to add the property:


After that I have restarted all the services.

To test my connection, I ran the following command which will create a directory(testDir) to Azure storage

hadoop fs -mkdir wasb://

I got the following error:


Am I skipping any step in setting up the connection? Any help is appreciated!


@Juhi Garg

It is not clear for me based on your description if you have successfully set up a storage account and created a container before trying to use WASB (which is a prerequisite).

Have you followed the steps detailed here?

There is a very good walkthrough here!

And finally, there is a good technical overview here.

Hope this helps!

@Juhi Garg

I'm not sure if the connector is supported in HDP 2.6 Sandbox. I know we support it for HDP 2.6.1.

Maybe @Mingliang Liu can help.

@Juhi Garg

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