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How to connect Impala/Hive with Informatica


Hi Folks,


Can you kindly help to connect Impala with Informatica.I have gone through multiple blogs of Cloudera and Informatica but dint found the exact procedures to follow.


Thanks in advance




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Are you getting any error while connecting ?

what kind of security is enabled for LDAP ?

I have enabled kerberos. I have installed informatica on Aix.Now, I am
trying to connect informatica with impala using jdbc connection but it's
not able to read the ticket from cache.

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it could be kerberos configuration issue on informatica server side.

can you share more detail ?

Old thread but here is a way to connect to Hive and kudu using impala through Informatica Bigdata management

But with Informatica BDM you also have Blaze and Spark as alternative engines to Hive. The original post was quite vague and may not have been BDM related at all.


I didnt quite understand your statement..why does it matter if BDM has other execution engines like Blaze and spark?


Impala itself is another execution engine like spark and blaze, we dont need to use impala jdbc connection in BDM using spark and Blaze you can just use it in native mode.