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How to connect kerberized Druid Cluster with Superset?

  • Ambari version is
  • Druid version is 0.10.1
  • Superset version is 0.28.1

I used Superset which version is 0.15.0 before and install by Ambari. And it can connect kerberized Druid normally. But the version is too old to work well. So I manually installed a new Superset which version is 0.28.1.

Now I have a problem that I can't connect kerberized Druid Cluster as before. Even use previous superset kerberos configurations. And I did't find any useful doc in Google and Superset offical website.

Here is the part of, Superset(0.15.0)'s configuration.

# Generated by Apache Ambari. Thu Jan 10 14:20:30 2019


Looking forward to anyone's help!!!!


@Magical Jelly

First and most important advice NEVER upgrade individually HDP components. In a kerberized environment when upgrading using Ambari the keytabs are generated automatically. Now that you have done a manual upgrade I don't know whether it will work though to generate the keytabs through ambari Kerberos wizard.

Should you attempt to upgrade to ie.HDP 3.1.0 some components will surely fail unless you delete using Ambari them before your next upgrade which isn't your case .
Have you tried the hack of using the Superset 0.15 Kerberos config with the new 0.28 ? Can you share the logs?