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How to create a Git repository in Bigbucket for Datameer Server?


Hi there,

In my working place, We have Datameer server Installed and it uses Git-Plugin.

The Git repository has been installed in the Datameer server. Because as mentioned in the Datameer documentation, (To use this Git plug-in, you need to install Git on the same machine as the Datameer server. The Datameer service depends on the Git repository for constant writes, so a low response time is necessary. As a result, the repository folder needs to be locally set up on Datameer server and cannot be remote) the git repository cannot be locally.

This is the link for the documentation.

But, our organization uses BitBucket. So, how to create a Repository in BitBucket and sync the Datameer-server's repo with BitBucket repo. Because, if the datameer server goes down, we can still have the Bitbucket repo. Also, keeping the repository history indatameer-sever may affect the server performance.

I would appreciate If you share your knowledge on this.




New Contributor


Good morning!

I believe this question was asked of Datameer's Community page under our Administration section. Joel was able to provide an official comment from Datameer in regard to the current design of our Git Plugin.

If you would like to review the information provided there, please see the following link:




Hi Braian,

Thanks for the reply. The Git repository is going to be in the same place like mentioned in the datameer documentation. But i just want to add a remote repositoy for the local repository(which is in /opt/datameer/current/versioning) by running the below command,

1.git remote add origin http://xxxxxxxxxxx/datameer_test.git

so we can run the below command,

2.git push -u origin master

Note: datameer_test.git is a repo in (Bitbucket)

when i tried the above command(1), it gives me error like

fatal: Not a git repository (or any parent up to mount point /apps/xfer)

Stopping at filesystem boundary (GIT_DISCOVERY_ACROSS_FILESYSTEM not set).

Note that, I am sure there is a .git directory in the local repository.

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