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How to create a application user/group across the cluster


I am trying to create a application user/group for ingesting data, or application user can run a job how this can be handle and how this user can reflect too all nodes at one shot! can i use ansible for this so it can be reflect to all nodes? or any other way we have solution for this?


Hi Naveen, you have the option to add local users/group or sync with LDAP: See

Super Guru
@Naveen R

You can create users in LDAP and use them across machines or create users on each machine. If security is enabled, which I guess it is, then Kerberos principals need to be created and will be mapped to unix users using property. Kerberos principals have a FQDN components sothey will be separate for each node.

I am not sure how ansible can help with this requirement. The easiest way to automate this is to use Ambari.

thanks for you response,

let's say i have a application user for application purpose ex: twitteruser how this user need to be created across all nodes? we don't want to create a user with there own name if that user left again we need to rewite the code for deployment

i already set up user in ldap so those can use in ambari access level only

@ ward bekker @ mqureshi

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just connect your nodes to LDAP. That's it. @Ward Bekker has shared the instructions.

is user " twitteruser" is created and how the passwords can manage on it?

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It's all going to be through LDAP. Otherwise create a twitteruser on all nodes (with same password) - not recommended.

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