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How to create phoenix view on existing HBase table by splitting primary key to composite keys

New Contributor

Considering a scenario where rowkey is combination of parts delimited by " | ".

Row Key : part1|part2|part3|1000 column family:f column: "c1" value: "1"

Row Key : part1|part2|part3|1001 column family:f column: "c2" value: "2"

How to create view in phoenix that looks like.

and insert values into Hbase through phoenix


New Contributor

according to this post:

you can do it like this, say that the existing HBase table is "t1" : 

CREATE VIEW "t1"("col1" varchar not null,
    "col2" varchar not null,
    "col3" varchar not null,
    "col4" integer not null,
    "f"."c1" integer, 
    "f"."c2" integer, 
    CONSTRAINT "ROW" PRIMARY KEY("col1", "col2", "col3", "col4")


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