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How to declare key and value for post method in InvokeHTTP processor at nifi

I try to pull data from RestApi post url to nifi for that I try to use InvokeHTTP method anyone help me. How to declare those post paraameters like key,values in processor?. I'm using HDP 2.5. Initially I declare key and value at "Attribute to send" option in InvokeHTTP processor. But it won't work. I don't know whether it is correct way or not





Master Guru

@Narasimma varman

The "Attributes to Send" property allows you to enter a java regular expression for the FlowFile Attributes you wish to send as headers:


Looks like what you really want to use are custom dynamic properties:


You can add as many dynamic properties as you want by clicking the small "+" icon in the upper right corner of the properties tab on the invokeHTTP processor.



Thanks Matt Clarke

Hi, I want to do the same want to pass json in post parameters so How can I pass a nested json in dynamic properties?

New Contributor

were you able to achieve this ?

Yes , I add dynamic properties after that I start flow but there is no flow occurs and not even error is also occurs

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@Narasimma varman

Sorry for late response, but I don't get pinged unless you add a comment to my response or tag me in your new answer.

The dynamic properties expect the the "value" to be a valid NiFI expression language (EL) statement. Otherwise it is treated as a literal value. So i expect what you are seeing is that exact string passed in the nested header or some kind of session rollback, etc...

Also not sure how you are pulling data using a "POST" method? Shouldn't you be using "GET"?

Thanks, Matt

Thanks Matt Clarke

New Contributor


 Were you able to achieve this?

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