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How to delete Templates visible in Nifi UI from backend all at once?

I uploaded 100 templates by copying xmls/templates in a folder named .conf/templates as defined in file and when restarted nifi it appeared in nifi UI.but now when i deleted templates from the .conf/templates its still visible in UI,I want to delete all those UI templates all at once as deleting one by one from UI is very tedious. Any suggestion to do this? @matt burgess,@mark payne

@Matt Burgess

Super Guru
@sri chaturvedi

Once you start the nifi instance then file will be loaded and NiFi instance is running as per the configurations in file.

Once you have deleted the templates in .conf/templates folder then you need to restart the NiFi instance then only you are able to see all the changes that are made(templates will be deleted from nifi ui).