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How to do an OS upgrade on cloudera cluster from Redhat 6 to Redhat 7

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We have few 100+ node CDH clusters running on Redhat 6.5. What is the process to upgrade the entire cluster from Redhat 6.5 to Redhat 7?


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If you are referring to upgrading in place, in general:


- Follow RedHat instructions for upgrading OS in place:


- Install el7 CM/agent/daemon packages on the host after upgraded

- ensure el7 parcels are available for download/distribution.


Depending on your needs, you may want to decommission the host so that blocks are copied to another node (HDFS).  I would recommend that if you are undertaking this procedure, you plan well and also do a test by adding a node or testing with one as a trial.  There are bound to be small issues in various places.


I've never done it myself, so if anyone else has experience, it would be good to hear from them.




For posterity, I will helpfully refer to the Cloudera documentation on the topic.


(Good work docs folks.  I love the evironment customization.)