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How to find active user in NIFI


Just a simple question for the community.    As Nifi administrator, how do I find who is actively logged on the NIFI system and how to terminate such user session?


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NiFi does not use sessions. So there are no active sessions for which you can kick a user out of. Every action performed by a user must be both authenticated and authorized.

This means that at anytime an admin can remove a user authorization(s) thus blocking all actions that users was previously authorized to perform.


Keep in mind here that user authentication and user authorization are two totally independent processes.  A user can successfully be authenticated, but not authorized to anything in NiFi.


If a user's authentication is performed using a token based authentication method (like a login based provider), there is a user side token (stored by client  which is typically the browser) and server side token stored in the users db inside the database_repository in the NiFi UI.  These token are valid for the configured expiration timeframe configured in the authentication provider (typically 12 hours as the default).  This is done so a user does not need to "login" for every action they want to perform.  This does not mean that authorization is not checked for every action.  


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