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How to find when nodemanager service stopped in datanodes.

Nodemanager service stopped in all data nodes of a HA cluster. The services restarted and they came up successfully.

But we could not find when the service stopped from logs (yarn-yarn-nodemanager-<datanode FQQDN>.out or yarn-yarn-nodemanager-<datanode FQQDN>) on the logs to find when the service was stopped.

Is there any way to find when the nodemanager stopped on the nodes.




Rising Star

@Sajesh PP - You will get below messages in the logs during the time of shutdown.

2019-03-14 17:10:57,270 INFO impl.MetricsSystemImpl ( - NodeManager metrics system shutdown complete.

2019-03-14 17:10:57,274 INFO nodemanager.NodeManager ( - SHUTDOWN_MSG:


SHUTDOWN_MSG: Shutting down NodeManager at


You need to grep in the same in the NM logs. If you are not finding anything, then you need to check other files created in the NM logs directory.

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