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How to get a SOAP data from WCF service using Apache Nifi

How to get a SOAP data from WCF service using Apache Nifi

New Contributor

I am new to Apache NiFi. I can get a data from wcf service with SOAP UI.

Endpoint : http://localhost/BtsWcf/TaskiWcf.svc


I wanna use it in nifi.

I search some documents but I couldn't find a solution. like but I couldn't..

My nifi flow is (pic-2).


GenerateFlowFile create a null queued.

I use replaceText for my soap request. It is in Replacement Value :

<soapenv:Envelope xmlns:soapenv="" xmlns:tem="" xmlns:bts="">

It's mock service, so request isn't important for service.

Here is my question.. How can I use invokeHttp processor. I just change the properties in InvokeHttp processor.

HTTP Method : POST

Remote URL : my endpoint.

Content-Type : text/xml; charset=utf-8

My invokeHttp processor is.



I start the processors. My response is my request in Retry queued.

Please let me know Where I am wrong. Thank you,